Aboard the ship

after arriving at Cren characters discover a pair of glasses. the Half-Orc who had lost his glasses upon getting his glasses back he allowed the party onto the boat. once on the boat the party received room keys and all eventually retired to a room. after a shot time Gothias Vengar and Iven Rains meet up with Daniel and head to the mess hall for food and drink. Naivara and Eldis

meeting a new class

meeting Eldis with Al and then encountering Jeff the wind walker, Ariel the wave breaker, Timothy the earth binder, and Dan the heat seeker. they witness timothy do the execution of a man claiming to be terry. after Gothias Vengar proclaimed that he was not terry the man in charge of the 4th infantry unit Pompey decides to keep the warrant on terry active until they make sure this was the real terry. after the execution it seems that Pompey never planed to let the manipulators leave alive. Timothy, Jeff, and Ariel are all killed in this encounter and Dan is wounded and taken prisoner. the party is put into jail and one of the guards helps them to escape. the party lights the roof of the in on fire and uses that to escape the town and are on there way to the town of Cren.

signs of trouble.

the party is feasting when Roland arrives with supplies that he was bring back for Vandra once arriving he joins in the feast and vandra sends him with estra and the party to a nearby town for supplies. the town of Colton the party is given 2 choices

1. go to the town and arrive just before night fall. if they chose this one then Alexander arrives as they are leaving and he tags along. when they arrive at the town it is dark a passive perception check will reveal if they see a shadowy figure or not. if they do they can react to seeing it go into a house if they catch her she is Silvia the Finisher Rouge of Avalanche she was hired to kill this man and his family his name is gorp and he is a half orc he has a a wife nok and a son derz. all are half orcs. and he is the half orc leader of the town. and the one that hired silvia is one of the rings. they suggest to go where she was to pick up the money and see what is there. once arriving they see the defensive warrior there. he sends 3 men that appear to be in paladin armor at the group and he fights with Roland, Estra, and Alexander. while silvia aids the group. after the fight is over the defensive war attacks the group and once he is defeated find that the group was engauged by astral and that he is on hakkia’s side and believes him to be the true profit and that vandra is trying to use the egg to make herself an all powerful being. after they refuse to join astral he leaves heading for the cave vandra is at. the party follows.

if they fail the check they get 2 more chances if all of them fail then the party gets the supplies heads back and during the night are awoken to vandra sensing something is wrong sending them to the town again to find it in flames. there is the prot war and astral with 2 paladins and astral heads back to the cave while the party has to fight the group.

2. arriving near morning the town is in a state of calm but then the body of a man his wife and son are found and no one knows why or by whom. after some supplies are bought the group is almost ready to leave. when Roland and Estra start talking to someone in the town and find that there has been a suspicious girl that came into town and was not there the next morning. they assume she killed the leader and now the elder wishes to hire them. Roland is more than willing to take this offer up and Estra agrees they leave the party and head to see if they can find the person responsible. after they are gone the party is spoken to by a man that wishes to hire them to find him a philangous for his business he also offer to shrink ivan’s philangous hand. if they accept they head to the forest where after some searching they can find 2 paladins and the defensive war if they go north and a philangous if they go south and silvia if the go east or they can encounter 3 paladins if they go west. if they chose to not go they will be in the town when it is attacked if they defeat the defensive war the town is not attacked. they find that the paladins are dead and are being controlled. after words they take there supplies back to vandra.

First Sight of the Blade

after leaving Fort Tenron terry is worried about the punishment for stealing the horses and attacking the guards. after arriving back at town an ambush quickly captures then and with a quick flash of his badge the guards back down. and a cleric ol’jess comes to heal the party and says they will be at full health in about an hour. after they head out via cart on there way to Vandra and they assume devon is already there. after about 6 hours of travel. they arrive at a cave in the deep forest. at the entrance is a trap set by Estra however there are also 12 horses around the entrance to the cave. after entering the cave and getting to the end they see a group of men on either side of the cave. they get into an altercation due to russel. the fight is broken up by Vandra and tieron a paladin and the one known as Haresh. after there depart russel presents vandra the sword and she tells him to pull it. gothias pulls the sword out and loses 2 fingers and almost dies as a result of this. however know they know that this new demon is not hakkia. Estra starts making stew.

Fort Tenron
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