Astral vanheart

second in command of the team of avalanche important figure in the world


astral is a powerful individual but he is limited by his illness so he has lower stats than normal. however he is making up for this by having a wickerback dragon hatchling with him. named star.


when astral was young he had a best friend jackson but he went by js to his friends. and as many stories go both astral and js were after the same girl. this was a continued thorn in the side of there friendship as over the years she went back and forth unable to decide which one she was to marry. finally she chose astral to marry. after this astral went to a small mission with his team. that js was on. however js never went on the mission with them. astral assumed he was hurt and thought he needed time. when he returned from the mission he arived home to find his soon to be bride shot with an arrow right in the heart. the arrow had the carved symbol of a crane on it just like js carves to his arrows. in a level of rage astral found js and attacked him in the fight js is killed and his last words are don’t let him win. (he was weak and previously wounded from a fight with zakari(the real killer of astrals soon to be wife)) after astral came to his sense and put the clues together he realized that infact js was in a fight just before they had fought and he was wounded possible dieing. and that the arrow that killed his soon to be wife(karoline) was made from the bark of a krosleaf tree which is not good for makeing sniper arrows. why would a sniper ranger have arrows that couldn’t travel fast or far enough to hit there targets. then he put it together it wasn’t js then who. astral had killed his best friend for no reason at this point. astral went down hill fast he abandoned his team left his village and wondered the world for a few years before he finally found something that gave him purpose and meaning. he found vandra. now he believes in the greater good and that his small lose is nothing compared to the whole world and everyone in it. currently astral is trying to assist in a ritual that offers the few members of avalanche immortality and the ability to forever uphold peace. however a illness that has infected astral from an unknown origin weakens him greatly and he feels his time coming near and wishes to set the final events in motion before he dies. however things don’t go as planned when a demon claiming to be Hakkia, A demon long since believed to be sealed inside the Oni-To-Hakki, reveals that the infection plaguing astral is a curse from the demon. now astral has a new goal on his list and he will see it through no matter what.

Astral vanheart

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