Eladrin Ranger


Level: 10 XP: 24900 Weapons: Long Sword Main Hand; Short Sword Off Hand Initiative: 12 Ability Scores: STR-19 CON-10 DEX-16 INT-12 WIS-13 CHA-10 MOD SCORES: 4 0 3 12 1 0 DEFENSE SCORES: AC 22 FORT-20 REF-19 WILL-16 HIT POINTS MAX-HP 67 BLOODIED-33 SURGE VALUE-16 SURGES DAY-13

Attack Bonus: Long Sword-13 Short Sword-12 Damage Workspace: Long Sword-11 Short Sword-9 Basic Attacks Long Sword 1D8 Short Sword 1D6

Race Features: Low Light Vision Languages Known: Common and Elven Feats: Lethal Hunter-Quarry and extra D6, weapons focus, weapons expert, improved initiative, Eladrin Solider, Ambush Tactics, Defense Mobility

AT WILL POWERS: Twin Strike Careful Attack ENCOUNTER POWERS: Fox’s Cunning Disruptive Strike Sweeping Whirlwind Fey Step DAILY POWERS: Sudden Strike Two Wolf Pounce Swirling Leaves of Steel UTILITY POWERS: Yield Ground Weave Through the Fray Expeditious Stride


Appearance: She is strikingly beautiful in a natural way. Wears very little make up, hair is long and golden in color. Pointy ears that are distinctive of an Eladrin, but are hidden under all the hair. Her dress is made of leather, there is a corseted top which shows off her features. At the waist the dress flows in an A-line to her knee, which perfectly shows off her boots. Naivara has a crescent moon shaped tattoo where no one can see it because it connects her to the Feywild. You will also notice a ring and necklace she wears all of the time. The necklace is a cross, but is very whimsical. Kind of like the necklace given to Eragon in LOTR. THe ring is equally as whimsical, they were passed down to her from her mother. These items have been in her family for hundreds of years. So not only are they beautiful, but meaningful as well.

Demeanor: Naivara is a very laid back individual. Although she has just joined this group she is very protective of the people around her. Once she gets to know you, she will be with you for life. They have taken her in as one of their own and she really appreciates that. They will perceive her as a helpful person, always willing to help someone out. She is an optimistic person, even in dire straits she can see the golden lining in everything. She is very aggravated by indecisiveness, it is not that hard to make a decision and go with it. She gathers her strength from the people around her, feeds off of them, if they are excited for battle or anything for that matte, then she will be too. She is pretty much a very mellow character, doesn’t get too excited by many things. Although on the inside she is freaking out.


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