First Sight of the Blade

after leaving Fort Tenron terry is worried about the punishment for stealing the horses and attacking the guards. after arriving back at town an ambush quickly captures then and with a quick flash of his badge the guards back down. and a cleric ol’jess comes to heal the party and says they will be at full health in about an hour. after they head out via cart on there way to Vandra and they assume devon is already there. after about 6 hours of travel. they arrive at a cave in the deep forest. at the entrance is a trap set by Estra however there are also 12 horses around the entrance to the cave. after entering the cave and getting to the end they see a group of men on either side of the cave. they get into an altercation due to russel. the fight is broken up by Vandra and tieron a paladin and the one known as Haresh. after there depart russel presents vandra the sword and she tells him to pull it. gothias pulls the sword out and loses 2 fingers and almost dies as a result of this. however know they know that this new demon is not hakkia. Estra starts making stew.

Fort Tenron
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