Dwarves are a Race of Keldanar
At one time Dwarves were common on the face of Keldanar, until the Dwarven War. After the bloody war, Dwarves slowly began to return to the world. Dwarves are stubborn and hold generation deep grudges against Humans, Orcs, Chitice, Maltic, Aocota Elves, and Gnomes as well as most other races. Dwarves have good relationships with Dragon-king, and generally approve of Halflings. Dwarves are sturdy and set in their ways. Dwarves are natural black smiths and excel at stone work and mining. Dwarves are hot tempered and quick to make assumptions but slow to say they are sorry. Dwarves can be found in mountains, underground, and in the few Dwarven cities. Dwarves are often considered only good at blacksmithing and inn keeping. Dwarves are often found as grunt workers and cheap labor. Dwarves look out for their own kind and their allies. If it helps an ally a Dwarf would gladly lie, cheat, or steal from a Pamp. ( Pamp started out as a derogatory word for human and was eventually attributed to orcs, elves, gnomes and other races dwarves don’t care for)

Average Height: 4´ 3˝–4´ 9˝
Average Weight: 160–220 lb.
Favored Ability Scores: Strength, Constitution, Wisdom

Size: Medium

Speed: 5 squares

Vision: Low-light

Skills: +2 appraise and +2 craft checks. gain an additional +2 to appraise and craft checks invovling stone or metal.

Languages: Common, Dwarven

1st level Dwarves have +5 racial bonus to saving throws against poison. Dwarves gain proficiency with the throwing hammer and the warhammer. Dwarves gain Blacksmithing as a bonus profession. Dwarves are able to tell with 75% certainty what depth they are under ground and the detail, age, and origin of stone work. Dwarves gain a +2 appraise and craft checks, and gain an additional +2 for appraise and craft checks involving stone or metal.


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