Spells are used by Manipulators. Earth Binder, Heat Seeker, Wave Breaker, Wind Walker, Shadow Distorter , and by Earth Cleric, Fire Cleric, Wind Cleric, Water Cleric, Life Cleric. and lastly by the Tablet Summoner and ()

Spell Types

Natural Spells- are 0th level spells that all manipulators gain at 1st level.

0th level spells- are shared among all classes after 0th level spells are separated by class.

Earth Binder Spells-1st Level Earth Spells, 2nd Level Earth Spells, 3rd Level Earth Spells, 4th Level Earth Spells, 5th Level Earth Spells, 6th Level Earth Spells, 7 Level Earth Spells, 8 Level Earth Spells.

Heat Seeker Spells- 1st Level Fire Spells, 2nd Level Fire Spells, 3rd Level Fire Spells, 4th Level Fire Spells, 5th Level Fire Spells, 6th Level Fire Spells, 7th Level Fire Spells, 8th Level Fire Spells.

Wave Breaker Spells- 1st Level Water Spells, 2nd Level Water Spells, 3rd Level Water Spells, 4th Level Water Spells, 5th Level Water Spells, 6th Level Water Spells, 7th Level Water Spells, 8th Level Water Spells.

Wind Walker Spells- 1st Level Wind Spells, 2nd Level Wind Spells, 3rd Level Wind Spells, 4th Level Wind Spells, 5th Level Wind Spells, 6th Level Wind Spells, 7th Level Wind Spells, 8th Level Wind Spells.

Shadow Distorter Spells- 1st Level Shadow Spells, 2nd Level Shadow Spells, 3rd Level Shadow Spells, 4th Level Shadow Spells, 5th Level Shadow Spells, 6th Level Shadow Spells, 7th Level Shadow Spells, 8th Level Shadow Spells.

Tablet Summoner Spells- 1st Level Summoner Spells, 2nd Level Summoner Spells, 3rd Level Summoner Spells.


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