Sem – the choices for sem are Good, Evil, Neutral. this defines how you view others in the world around you.

Good – You view an innocent life as one that should be left alone and would put yourself in danger to protect one. this could mean physical harm or harming your pride or reputation. you do what is right not what is easy or convenient. choosing a good alignment would mean you put others above yourself and make sacrifices to protect them. (an innocent women is about to be shot with an arrow. you jump in front of the arrow to save her even if it could kill you.)

Evil- You view an innocent life as a tool or a pawn and would kill them without hesitation for profit, fun, or just to do so. either you have no compassion for others or just like to kill for sport or fun. some kill because they are instructed to by an evil Deity or master.

Neutral- Neural people in this respect still wouldn’t take an innocent life but really wouldn’t put themselves in danger to help an innocent life. they lack that commitment. you would have to go way out of your way to kill an innocent under ex-stream situations. neutral may sacrifice themselves for there friends, family, or country but not for a stranger or someone they don’t care for even if that person is innocent. a neutral person may attempt to assist an innocent person but only if it was convenient and wouldn’t result in you getting hurt.

(an elf is about to shoot an innocent girl. a good character would jump in front of the arrow to save the girl. a neutral person would try to push the girl out of the way as long as it didn’t put the character at harm, or they would not respond at all and just let the girl die. and evil character would be the one shooting the girl for no reason other than fun.)


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