Heat Seeker

Heat Seeker

Heat Seeker



Armor proficiency-cloth

Weapon proficiency-simple melee/simple ranged

Defense bonus- +2 will

Hit dice-d4

Fire hierarchy
• Fire-1
• Magma-2

Class Builds


Class Skills (Everlasting Flame, Manipulate Fire, Manifest Fire, Kue of Fire/Wild Fire, Fire Familiar)

Class Skills (Enlarged Flame, Manipulate Fire, Manifest Fire, Kue of Fire/Wild Fire, Fire Familiar)

Level Combos Fort Ref Will Ability
01 1 0 0 02 Class Skills
02 1 0 0 03 __________
03 1 01 01 03 __________
04 1 01 01 04 __________
05 1 01 01 04 Bonus Feat
06 2 02 02 05 __________
07 2 02 02 05 __________
08 2 02 02 06 Path of the Earth Wizard
09 2 03 03 06 __________
10 2 03 03 07 Bonus Feat
11 2 03 03 07 __________
12 3 04 04 08 __________
13 3 04 04 08 __________
14 3 04 04 09 __________
15 3 05 05 09 Bonus Feat
16 3 1 05 10 *Path of the Earth Mage *
17 3 05 05 10 __________
18 4 06 06 11 __________
19 4 06 06 11 __________
20 4 06 06 12 Bonus Feat

Everlasting Flame – increases the dc for saves against your burns by 2.

Enlarged Flame – Increase the burst of your flames by 1.

Manipulate Fire
Fire in all its forms is scares. Using existing fire as a weapon or to manipulate fire is a simple task. Costing 1 sempaum per pound of fire being manipulated (each lb of ash counts as the same lb of fire even though fire has no weight). The limit on Fire being manipulated at one time is the manipulators intellect modifier plus half of the manipulators level rounded down(plus 3 lbs per 4 levels starting at level 4). A manipulator may also downgrade fire in respects to the fire hierarchy. turning 1lb of fire into 1lb of ash is simple as well. with a touch and 1 sempaum per pound you can drop up to 15lb before having to take an extended rest. when you take a short rest Fire you have manipulated reverts back to its original form.

Manifest Fire
Manifesting fire is a skill that sets fire manipulators apart from those that are using earth magic. Manifesting is a difficult task and as a result the DC check for spells being cast with manifested earth is increased by 2 and the cost is doubled.

Kue of Fire/Wild Flame
• * choose to have a Kue or not to have a Kue is an important aspect to who you are as an Earth Binder. at 1st level an Earth Binder can choose to have a Kue once this choice is made the path of the Earth Binder is set in motion. a Kue is your element that is infused with your sempaum to make it stronger than normal. at level 1 you get 1lb of sand that is infused with sempaum. this sand is stronger than regular sand and cost nothing to manipulate as well as having less of a cost to manifest. at levels 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27,30 your Kue improves you either gain an additional lb of sand or can upgrade an additional pound of a current element to its next form on the hierarchy.
• choosing to not have a Kue can be seen as a weakness but you use it as your strength. why have a Kue hold you back when not having one takes less sempaum. if you don’t have a Kue you gain 25% of your base at levels 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27,30. you only manipulate and manifest “wild” fire so you have more sempaum to do so.
to use Kue Cost half of the sempaum to cast a spell. and increase the to hit by 1 per rank in adept. 2 per rank in Superior. and 3per rank in Legendary. Choose your path either wield your element as a companion or just master the wild element of the world.
Imbue Weapon Fire
• Imbuing a weapon takes 1 hour and costs 8 sempaum per weapon rank. when imbued the weapon has 3 charges to expend each with the effect(Increase damage dealt with this attack by up to the casters wisdom modifier.) or (expend 2 charges to deal explosive damage from the weapon dealing the weapons damage + the casters wisdom mod to all targets in a 1 square burst(2 squares if the caster was an explosive heat seeker) the attack has a +2 to the roll per weapon rank and uses your weapons attack stats to hit. the weapon must roll a save and only breaks on a 1.) to renew these charges anyone can spend 2 sempaum per rank per charge to renew the charges. takes about 30min to renew charges. or they may add a charge to existing charges instantly for 8 sempaum per rank. an imbued weapon deals + 1 damage as long as it has at least 1 charge remaining.

Fire Spells
Spells minor-2 major-1 greater-1 Adept Spells

  • minor gained at levels 1,1,4,8,12,16,20,24,28
  • major gained at levels 1,3,7,13,17,23,27
  • greater gained at levels 1,5,9,15,19,25,29

Superior Spells

  • Superior Minor Spells 2 at 11 1 at 16
  • Superior Major Spells 1 at 11
  • Superior Greater Spell 1 at 20

Legendary Spells

  • Legendary Minor Spell at 21
  • Legendary Major Spell at 24
  • Legendary Greater Spell at 27
  • Legendary Spell of Legend at 30

Heat Seeker

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