Humans are the common Race of Keldenar


Average Height: 5´ 6˝–6´ 2˝

Average Weight: 135–220 lb.

Ability Scores: +2 to one ability score of your choice and take a -2 to an ability score of your choice. this can be done more than once but no ability may be targeted by +2 more than once. An ability score may be targeted by -2 any number of times.

Size: Medium

Speed: 6 squares

Vision: Normal

Languages: Common, choice of one other

Humans are the dominate race of Keldenar. Humans thrive in almost every environment on Keldenar. Humans as a race vary greatly; some are strong, agile, or brave, while others are smart, wise, or charming. Humans are rather skilled at using words to get what they want. Humans are even better at getting what they want when dealing with other races. Humans are talented even at tasks they haven’t practiced and have a wider array of talent. Of all the civilized races, humans are the most adaptable and diverse. Human settlements can be found almost anywhere, and human morals, customs, and interests vary greatly.Humans live lives of wonder and lust. humans are easy to corrupt and there want for power is there greatest weapon and there greatest curse. even with the best of intentions humans seem to think everyone see the world as they do. some of the worst things ever done were done with the
best of intentions.

Humans live a maximum of 96 years and mature at around the age of 17.

Humans gain +1 to fortitude, reflex and will saves. 1st level

Humans have a +2 diplomacy and bluff checks as well as an additional +2 to diplomacy, bluff and intimidate checks to other races. 1st level

Humans gain a bonus Feat at 1st level

Humans gain 1 additional skill point at first level and gain an additional skill point at each new level.

Humans gain the jack of all trades feat as a bonus feat even if they do not meet the requirements. 2nd level.

Humans reroll a profession check at 4th level

Humans make 50% more money from working than other races. 6th level.

When making a trained skill check roll 2 d20 and use either result at 8th level

Humans gain a bonus language or weapon proficiency. 10th level.

Humans may take a 10 on trained skill checks even when they normally wouldn’t be able to. 12th level

When humans take 10 they receive a +5 bonus allowing them to take a 15. 14th level

A Human’s maximum number of followers is increased by 3. 16th level

When leading a large group all subordinates gain a +2 combat advantage. 18th level

A human is considered to be welcomed by any town unless the town has specific reason to not welcome the human. As being a welcomed member of a town the human does not have to pay for food, lodging and basic supplies.


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