Ranger- The is a talented Ranged class. The Ranger uses traps, distance, and knowledge of her prey to thrive on Keldanar. The Ranger sets traps to hinder her enemies while shoots them down. The Ranger gains a spirit companion that is able to assist in combat as well as be a life long friend. The Ranger imbues sempaum into her arrows to grant various effects to bring down the strongest of foes. The Ranger is split into to builds the Sniper and the Bombarder. The sniper specializes in taking time to line up a deadly shot and finish her foes before they even know the fight has started. She hides in the brush and makes a vow to kill her target and follows through. The Bombarder takes a less subtle approach and unleashes large storms of arrows to deal with her foes. She can fire several arrows or one arrow that she splits into more arrows.

Roles- Single Target/ Multi Target.

Attributes- Dexterity / Wisdom

Armor Proficiency- cloth, leather, hide

Weapon Proficiency- Simple Melee, Simple Ranged, Military Ranged, and Superior Ranged.

Defense Bonus- +2 Reflexes

Hit Dice- D6

Trapper- The Ranger is skilled at setting traps not just before a fight but during one. Setting a trap during combat gives the enemy a higher chance of detecting it. See Traps for more details. New traps can be learned as feats.

Class Builds (Sniper/ Bombarder)

Class Skills: Sniper (Precision, Rapid Fire, Sharp Shooter, Hunters Vow.)

Class Skills: Bombarder (Volley, Multi Shot, Arrow Split, Bombardment.)

Level Combos Fort Ref Will Ability
01 1 02 02 0 Class Skills
02 1 03 03 0 Jouni strike, Hated Enemy
03 1 03 03 01 Spirit Companion
04 1 04 04 01 Improved Traps, Lightning Reflexes
05 1 04 04 01 Ricochet Shot/Arrow Storm
06 2 05 05 02 Hated Enemy
07 2 05 05 02 Evasion, Reflexes
08 2 06 06 02 Path of The Ranger
09 2 06 06 03 Spirit Improvement
10 2 07 07 03 Piercing Shot/Arrow Storm + 3
11 3 07 07 03 Hated Enemy
12 3 08 08 04 Natural Stride
13 3 08 08 04 Camouflager
14 3 09 09 04 Hated Enemy
15 3 09 09 05 Head Shot/ Arrow Storm + 5
16 4 10 10 05 Path of the Hunter
17 4 10 10 05 Improved Spirit
18 4 11 11 06 Bonus Feat
19 4 11 11 06 Rider
20 5 12 12 06 Dimension Shot/ Arrow Storm + 7

PrecisionWhen the Ranger takes aim her arrows strike true. The Ranger takes her time and studies the shot, sometimes she may have to use sempaum to study the situation while moving. If the Ranger has not moved yet this round she gains a power bonus to attack rolls equal to her wisdom modifier. If the Ranger has moved this round she may still gain this bonus for 6 sempaum.

Rapid FireSometimes the opportunity presents itself for the Ranger to take a second shot. When the Ranger scores a critical hit or deal max damage with an attack she may make a second attack on the same target. Unless that target dies as a result of the first attack then she may make an attack at a target within 5 square of the original target. Rapid Fire cost 5 sempaum

Sharp ShooterThe Ranger shoots to kill with every shot. Her Critical Strike range is increased by 3. (If her critical strike was at 20, it is now 17)

Hunters VowThe Ranger swears an oath to herself and everything she stands for that her foe shall die. Any target the Ranger puts her vow on takes an additional 1d4 damage 1/round when damage is dealt to the target. This is a minor action and can only be on one target at a time.

VolleyThe Ranger lets lose a barrage of arrows at her foes. This barrage of arrows is a burst 3 in 15 squares. She fires up to 5 arrows and may target up to 5 targets in the burst, but no one target can be hit more than twice. This attack is one attack roll.

Multi Shot –_The Ranger uses fancy finger work to bring down her foes. She cleverly holds one arrow between her middle and index finger while the other arrow is held between her pinky and ring finger. The last arrow is held by her thumb against the palm of her hand. Although complicated she is able to unleash an effective assault._ The Ranger may make up to 2 attacks. One of these attacks my fire a second arrow however by doing so the attack suffers a -4 to hit and each arrow deals -2 to damage. The 2 arrows must target different targets but share the attack roll. The attack that fires only 1 arrow suffers a -3 to hit and a -2 to damage. The single arrow shot my shoot at any target in range regardless of weather that target was already shot at by a previous multi shot this turn. Due to the speed of this attack all targets must be declared before the attack and if a target dies as a result of the first attack and is a target of the second attack the Ranger may not change targets and still shoots the arrow.

Arrow Split-_ The Ranger infuses her arrow with sempaum and forces it to split perfectly down the middle._ The Ranger can split any arrow fired into 2 arrows. The damage from the split arrows is lowered by one damage die. (If an arrow shot from a war bow would deal 1d8 damage normally when split the new arrows would now deal 1d6 damage each.) Splitting an arrow cost 8 sempaum

BombardmentThe Ranger fires 1 arrow that splits into multiple arrows. The Ranger may split one arrow up to 4 times. It cost 6 sempaum to split this arrow the first time and 3 to split it each time after. Each arrow after the first suffers a -2 stacking penalty to hit and all arrows deal 1d6 damage. The Ranger may target any number of targets with this attack or she may target one target for all the arrows to hit.

Jouni Strike- The Ranger rushes sempaum into her weapon and unleashes it on impact with the target. The Ranger strikes a target using a ranged weapon as a melee weapon dealing weapon damage +STR mod / 2, this does not count the STR mod given by cross bows, and knocks the target back her wisdom modifier of squares. If the attack is made with a melee weapon damage is normal and the target is still knocked back. If this attack fails to hit it has a 30% chance to still knock that target back 1 square. Cost 12 sempaum.

Hated Enemy- The Ranger has an enemy that she either has always hated or hates for events that are unfolding. The Ranger has a +2 to attack and damage against her hated enemy. The Ranger also has +4 to spot, search, survival, listen, and other checks to identify her hated enemy. This would include items made by a hated enemy or places inhabited by them.

Spirit Companion- While some might choose to tame a wild beast the Ranger tames a companion that is always faithful. The Ranger is finally strong enough to gain a spirit companion. The first step is to choose a companion. The Ranger must then hunt a companion and kill it. She then uses the body to performs the spirit ritual, and enter the spirit world to bind the spirit. The Ranger may summon the spirit companion at any time for 10 sempaum per hit dice of the spirit. The spirit is considered to be level 1 and gains 1 level each time the Ranger gains a level. If the spirit companion is killed it returns to the spirit plane and can be re summoned in 1 hour. The Ranger suffers 2 points of damage per hit dice of the spirit companion when it dies. Spirit companions have +10 stealth and can phase, standard action removing the spirit from this world to the spirit world while there the spirit companion is not targetable for attacks and is fully aware of what is going on in this world. The companion cannot communicate with its master from the spirit world but can phase in and out at will as a standard action. The spirit can answer to its master’s call, a keyword set up by the master that the companion will hear even in the spirit world and respond.

Improved Traps- The Ranger advances her traps making them harder to detect and more dangerous. The Ranger gains +4 when setting traps and she may select an advanced trap. The advanced traps are Rope, Spike, Poison, and Elemental. Once an advanced trap is selected it gains the benefit listed below.
• Rope- instead of just hindering targets with rope traps now they can completely immobilize a target and even cause harm if used right
• Spike- instead of a mild sore these traps can now inflict more damage and harm foes.
• Poison- new type of trap. Uses a combination of rope or spike traps to inflict poison effects on a target.
• Elemental- a new type of trap. Uses the elements to inflict a range of effects on a victim. This is the only trap that uses sempaum.

Lightning Reflexes- The Ranger floods her mind with sempaum increasing her speed and response time. Her skin tightens causing muscles to appear toner and her pupils widen while her hair fluffs like as if full of static. The Ranger enters a state of rapid response. Her reflexes gain a +4 and speed gains a +4. The Ranger gains a +2 to attacks made while in this state and opportunity attacks made against her have a -2. She also gains a +2 initiative. The Ranger may enter lightning reflexes at the cost of 5 sempaum per hit dice. She may be in the reflex state for 1 +wisdom mod rounds per day. This time increases by 2 every level gained by the Ranger hereafter. After exiting lightning reflexes the Ranger has a -2 speed, -3 reflexes, -2 attack rolls, for 5 rounds per round in reflex state.

Ricochet Shot- By imbuing sempaum into an arrow the Ranger may bend the path of the arrow. The arrow bends before hitting the target and becomes a slashing attack as opposed to a piercing attack. The Ranger may pay 12 sempaum to deal ½ of the damage a target of an arrow takes with another target in 3 squares. The second target must be behind the initial target. The secondary target makes a reflex save vs. the attack roll against the initial target and doesn’t take damage if the save is successful. The Ranger may continue to ricochet this arrow to any targets behind the current target within 3 squares costing 6 sempaum per additional target, and each additional target takes half of the damage the previous hit target took. (Sarah a level 5 Ranger fires a ricochet arrow for 12 sempaum at a goblin with 2 other goblins standing behind him. The attack roll is a 15 with all modifiers. The first target takes 10 damage. The second target makes a reflex save and is successful so he takes no damage. Sarah now pays 6 sempaum to bend the arrow to hit the third target. The third goblin does not successfully save against the attack and takes 5 damage. If the second goblin had not saved vs. the attack he would have taken 5 damage and the third goblin would have taken 2 damage.)

Arrow StormThe Ranger uses the power of her sempaum to fire one arrow into the air and with an explosion forms a cloud that rains down a storm of arrows on a group of enemies. This attack is a burst 4 in 20 squares the Ranger fires 1 arrow that splits into 1d6 + wisdom modifier arrows. The Ranger may divide up the arrows among any number of targets she sees fit. This is 1 attack roll. This attack cost 25 sempaum. This cloud remains in the sky for 1 round and makes a second attack of 1d4 +wisdom modifier arrows on the next turn. The cloud goes at double the initiative of the Ranger. (If the Ranger acts on 2 the cloud acts on 4. If the Ranger acts on 5 or higher the cloud acts on 10)

Hit Points – The Ranger has 6 + constitution modifier hit points at 1st level. She gains 1d6 + constitution modifier at each level after 1st (Minimum of 1)

Feats – The Ranger gains 1 feat at 1st level and another feat at every even level after. See Feats for more Details.


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