Rogue- The Rogue is quick thinking dirty fighter. Although not as strong as the Warrior Class , Rogues rely on precision, trickery, skill, and a little bit of luck to survive on Keldanar The Rogue class is split into two types of Rogue, The Striker and the Assassin. The Striker specializes in using speed and agility to deliver several precise strikes, and maintain an efficient defense. The Assassin prefers to deliver fewer more lethal strikes to bring down targets. The Assassin uses intense stealth combined with surprise attacks and Execute to kill targets and then vanishes to escape.

Attribute – dexterity/intellect

Armor Proficiency – Cloth, Leather, and Hide.

Weapon Proficiency – simple melee, all daggers, simple ranged, shuriken, throwing needles, Augmir,Admir.

Defenses – + 2 Reflexes

Hit dice – D6

Natural Sempaum Skills (Melee Hit and Melee Damage)

Class Abilities.

Stealth – With cunning and speed a rogue may hide from enemies. The Rogue gains a +5 to stealth checks if there is something to hide behind. Otherwise at the cost of 6 sempaum the rogue has the chance to hide in plain sight by altering transparency of oneself. Attacking from stealth deals and extra 1d4 of damage and have a +2 to hit.

Poison – The art of brewing is known to few and rogues are some of the greatest masters. Rogues can brew poisons and apply it to weapons, arrows, and anything else they can think of. See Rogue Poisons for more details.

Lock Picking – The steady hand of lock picking is a rogue tradition and is one of their best skills. Lock picking tools are required to pick a lock. The rogue may pick a lock if his overall check is higher than the locks level. To pick a lock roll 1d20 + lock pick skill vs. 10 + 4 per lock level. (A rogue with a lock picking skill of 7 and a roll of 16 could pick a lock of level 2. 7+16 = 23 vs. 18 DC so a level 2 lock is able to be picked.)

Builds (Striker/Assassin)

Build Skills: Striker (Quick Response, Sempaum Strikes, Combo Striker, Strike at the Heart.)

Build Skills: Assassin (Weapon Finesse, Execution, Final Blow, Vanish.)

Level Combos Fort Ref Will Ability
01 3 0 2 0 Class skills
02 3 0 3 0 Trap finding +3, Armor Pierce
03 3 1 3 1 Fast pace, Evasion
04 3 1 4 1 Improved combo strikes/Improved Finishers
05 3 1 4 1 Rengeki/Sempaum Dagger
06 3 2 5 2 Trap Finding + 5, Uncanny Dodge
07 3 2 5 2 Special Skill
08 4 2 6 2 Path of the Rogue
09 4 3 6 3 Trap Find + 7, Quickening
10 4 3 7 3 OOR Rengeki+3/ Sempaum Blades
11 4 3 7 3 Special Skill
12 4 4 8 4 Improved Uncanny Dodge
13 4 4 8 4 Bonus Feat
14 4 4 9 4 Special Skill
15 5 5 9 5 Kelru Rengeki +5/ Sempaum Slash
16 5 5 10 5 Path of the Mercenary
17 5 5 10 5 Special Skill, Cheat Death
18 5 6 11 6 Lethal Strikes/Lethal finishers
19 5 6 11 6 Seven Deadly Strikes/ Shadow Strike
20 5 6 12 6 Renma Rengeki/ Sempaum Cutters

Quick Response – A Rogue can move with more agility than most and make good use of this when under assault. When an enemy makes a melee attack against the Rogue weather or not it hits or misses the Rogue may make a reflex roll. If the roll is 18-20 the Rogue makes a responsive strike.
• Trip (18) – This Responsive Strike knocks the target down.

• Strike (19) – This Responsive Strike hits the target for 1d2.

• Throw(20) – This Responsive Strike throws the target to the square behind the Rogue dealing 1d2 damage and deals the same damage to any creature in that square. The target is knocked down.

Sempaum Strikes –Sempaum Strikes attacks the target with multiple forceful attacks. Sempaum strikes may attack up to 5 times costing 4 sempaum to initiate the first attack and cost 2 sempaum per additional attack. Each attack after the first suffers a -2 stacking penalty to hit. Each strike deals 1d4 +STR mod damage. This counts as 3 combos

Combo Strikes – Each attack made in a combo increase chance to hit by 1. In addition unarmed strikes deal 1d4 -1 +STR mod damage.

Strike at the Heart – A Rogue attacks with the intent to kill with precision as opposed to force. A rogue’s critical threat range is increased by 1 in addition a rogue has a +1 to attack rolls when he is not wielding a weapon. In addition when a rogue lands a critical hit he may make a ranged basic attack at one target in 5 squares other than the primary target of the attack.

Weapon Finesse – A Rogue is skilled with their blades and focuses not on how hard they can strike but on how accurately they can strike. The Rogue gains +2 to main and offhand weapon attacks.

Execution – Rogue’s kill their foe as quickly as possible with no remorse. This can only be used as a follow-up or finisher move. Execute deals weapon damage + 1d6 and costs 6 sempaum to perform. Execute immediately ends a combo.

Final Blow – Rogue’s make sure their finishing moves kill the target. Increase finishing moves chance to hit by 2 and increase there crit range by 2.

Vanish – A Rogue can meld into the shadows and prepare for an attack. The Rogue gains a bonus to stealth equal to the Rogue’s Int mod. This allows the Rogue to disappear in plain sight and shift up to the Rogue’s int mod squares. This cost 8 sempaum to perform.

Trap Find + X – When a rogue gains trap find he now has the specified rank in trap find. Trap find increase spot, search, listen, and spell craft and other related checks when they are used to detect the presence of traps.

Armor Pierce – When striking a target wearing heavy armor a rogue may ignore up to 2 ac from armor of its target.

Fast Pace – Rogue’s are faster than most. A rogue gains an additional + 10ft ( 2 squares) of movement. This does stack with other movement affects.

Evasion – When hit with a melee or ranged attack a rogue may reflex vs. the attack roll. If successful the rogue takes half damage. (Rounded up)

Improved Sempaum Strikes – Attacks the target with multiple forceful attacks. Sempaum strikes may attack up to 6 times costing 8 sempaum to initiate the first attack and cost 3 sempaum per additional attack. Each attack after the first suffers a -2 stacking penalty to hit. Each strike deals 1d4 +2 +STR mod damage. This attack counts as 3 combos

Improved Finishers – Finishers gain a +2 to hit and +1 crit range.

Rengeki – The rogue can enter Rengeki at will as a free action on their turn. Rengeki costs 8 sempaum to enter and requires 4 to maintain. While in Rengeki a rogue gains +3 to ac and attack rolls as well as a +6 to spot and search checks.

Sempaum Daggers – While unarmed or wielding a weapon a rogue may activate sempaum daggers. Sempaum daggers cost 15 sempaum per turn maintained and increase damage dealt by weapons or unarmed by 1d4.

Sempaum per level- A rogue gains 12 + wisdom score + wisdom mod + rogue level, sempaum each level.

Hit Points – At level 1 a rogue’s hp is 6+con mod. At each new Rogue level the Rogue gains 1d6 + Con mod hp.

Feats a Rogue gains a feat every 2 levels. 1,2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26,28,30.


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